Amino Asylum Review: Is Amino Asylum Legit Legit?

Amino Asylum reviews

This Amino Asylum review will seek to answer one simple question—is Amino Asylum legit? 

Amino Asylum is a prominent name in the research chemicals industry. The online store sells various products, including popular compounds like SARMs, pro-hormones, peptides, and aminos. 

However, Amino Asylum reviews seem mixed at best, making it hard for interested buyers to know whether the brand’s products are reliable. This article shares everything you need to know before buying (or choosing not to buy) from Amino Asylum.

Amino Asylum Background

Amino Asylum is a supplier of different research chemicals. The online store sells different kinds of chemicals ranging from selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs) and Peptides to Aminos and pro-hormones. 

They also sell research oils like Trestelone Decanoate, Trestelone Acetate, and Cardabolic.

Put simply, Amino Asylum tries to be your one-stop shop for all sorts of research chemicals. But are they reliable? In my experience, quality tends to suffer when vendors try to do everything. 

Has that happened here?

Right off the bat, one of the issues we encounter is the not-so-informative product pages. 

So check out this out.

What do you notice?

The page doesn’t have any product details. You just get the price and quantity, and that’s it.

Now compare that with what Science Bio gives you.

And now Chemyo.

The issue here is you don’t get enough details to understand the product you’re purchasing—nothing on lab tests, data sheets, or anything of the sort.

This Amino Asylum review is not off to a good start. And I’m about to share something even more worrying.

They don’t have an About Us page! Can you believe that?

If I’m buying some delicate research chemicals from an online store, I’d love to know who the company is, where it’s located, and a bit about its story. You don’t get any of that here. 

Anyway, let’s assume none of these red flags are red enough. Maybe you still want to learn more about the company. Let’s proceed to the next section.

What Products Does Amino Asylum Sell?

Credit where it’s due: This is one area where Amino Asylum seems to perform really well. The company stocks many products, so it’s possible you’ll get everything you need from one place.

Here is a breakdown of some of the Amino Asylum product offerings:

  • Aminos – This includes products like B12, B6, Acetyl D-Glucosamine, GAC, Blend, GAC Extreme, NAD+, and L-Carnitine. 

Once again, you’re not getting any product details about what any of these compounds are or about any of the specific products sold under the category. You’ll need to come here already knowing what you want.

  • SARMs – They sell several oral SARMs including GW-0742, GW501516, MK677, Ostarine, S23, S4, RAD140, Yk11, and LGD4033.
  • Sprays – This includes BPC 157, AOD 9604, Glutathione Spray, MT-II, N-Acetyl-Semax, TB-500, and Noopept.
  • Peptides – They stock peptides like BPC, CJC, BAC Water, GHRP2, GHRP 6, HMG, TB-500, and PT-141.
  • Prohormones – You’ll get prohormones like Hexadrone, Epiandrosterone, and Dymethazine.

This is a good selection if you use different kinds of research chemicals.

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Now, let’s discuss the most important topic for me whenever I review SARM vendors like Amino Asylum.

Quality Control Policy

Before I tell you anything about Amino Asylum’s quality control policy, let me tell you what I normally look for when trying to evaluate the quality of products from a vendor. 

  • First, they must be doing third-party testing for their products. These tests would typically look for things like purity and concentration.
  • Second, they have to provide evidence of third-party testing. This is usually done through certificates. In the certificates, I’d typically look at the batch number, the lab behind the tests, the date, and the results.

So, what’s Amino Asylum’s quality control policy?

Sadly, I couldn’t find any. They don’t even have a page dedicated to that, so I couldn’t confirm whether they do any third-party testing. 

That said, I noticed they had a certificate for SARMs products. The certificate came from a lab called Janoshik. 

Still, SARMs were the only products with a certificate showing that some other company had tested these products.

One of the other things I noticed about Amino Asylum’s lab tests is that they were a bit old. This is not odd among SARMs vendors but it’s something to keep in mind.

The certificate also lacks client details at the top, which I thought was strange. I went through Janoshik’s website and found a few publicly available certificates, and they all included client details at the top, as you can see here.  

These certificates have client details and a verification code. The certificates on Amino Asylum’s website lack both.

So, what’s the bottom line here? Amino Asylum’s quality control is not very convincing. They don’t have a page explaining how they approach quality control, and the few certificates they’ve included lack critical details, as highlighted above.

Amino Asylum Pricing and Payment Options

Amino Asylum beats the two popular SARMs companies when it comes to pricing. I compared several products for this test, including Ostarine, which is perhaps the most popular SARM for beginners

A 30ml vial of Ostarine goes for $29.99 on Amino Asylum compared to $49.99 on Science Bio and $69.99 on Chemyo. 

The price difference is probably due to concentration. Here is what I mean: with the Amino Asylum Ostarine, you’ll be getting 20mg/ml, while Science Bio’s is 30mg/ml, and Chemyo’s is 25mg/ml.  

Also, Chemyo’s bottles are 50ml compared to the 30ml bottles from Amino Asylum and Science Bios. That should explain the slightly higher price tag on Chemyo’s products.

Personally, I’d go for the bottles with higher concentrations. 

In terms of payments, Amino Asylum lets you pay through credit cards or Cash App. 

Amino Asylum Coupon Codes

All new customers get 10% off on their first order. Though not a crazy amount, this is still a decent discount, especially since it’s your first order and you’re probably more interested in how good their products might be for you.

You can also get a special discount of 20% off with this code

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Ordering and Shipping

Sadly, there’s hardly any information on shipping times. Actually, they don’t have a page on Orders and Shipping. This is an unfortunate trend throughout the Amino Asylum website. 

Also, most people using research chemicals like SARMs for powerlifting or even women using SARMs for weight loss would want their orders delivered on time to ensure their cycles remain on track.

Still, most users report that orders are mostly delivered in a timely fashion. Speaking of which, let’s look at those Amino Asylum Reddit reviews next.

Amino Asylum Reviews

Amino Asylum doesn’t have the best reputation online. Sure, it’s not all bad, but during my research, most of the reviews were leaning toward the negative side. 

What worried me even more is the fact that some of these reviews are from just the last few months.

Here’s what one of the customers had to say on Trust Pilot.

And another customer had a bad experience:

Same case here, too. 

A few issues raised were quite worrying.

It’s not all terrible, though. This customer, for instance, had a pleasant experience. 

As you can see, Amino Asylum reviews can only be described as mixed at best. That’s not what you’d typically want from a brand you’re buying research chemicals like SARMs, which may stay in your system for a while.

Amino Asylum Alternatives

Let’s look at a few other brands competing with Amino Asylum.

Amino Asylum vs Science Bio

Science Bio is a brand with a much better track record than Amino Asylum. Its website is much easier to navigate, and it provides a wide variety of research products, including SARMs, which are available in liquid and powdered form. 

Like other top SARMs vendors, Science Bio does 3rd party testing on all its research chemicals, and the results are published online. More importantly, Science Bio has one of the best SARM prices online for the quality of products you’ll be getting. 

You can check out Science Bio’s product inventory here 

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Amino Asylum vs Chemyo

Chemyo is a better SARMs brand than Amino Asylum in almost every way. First of all, you don’t have to do mental gymnastics to know who Chemyo is and where the brand is located. 

The company is from Delaware, USA, and has a proven track record of consistently delivering high-quality SARMs. Its website is well-polished and provides ample details on each product.  

Amino Asylum vs Pure Rawz

Pure Rawz is a massive brand. The company stocks SARMs in four different forms: tablets, powder, capsules, and liquids.

They also do both first- and third-party testing. That essentially means they test the compounds in-house and submit them to independent laboratories for further testing. The evidence of these tests is documented on their website.

I’d say Pure Rawz seems to do everything better than Amino Asylum in most aspects except one—pricing. Amino Asylum prices are much better. Too bad the good pricing is clouded by other more serious issues, like the lack of reliable evidence on third-party testing.  

In Closing: Is Amino Asylum Legit?

Amino Asylum has mixed reviews at best. Yes, the company has some of the best SARMs prices on the market, but I don’t think that matters when it’s unclear what you are getting. 

As such, I would try out Science Bio or even Chemyo, which seem to be more consistent with product quality and delivery. If you still want to give Amino Asylum a shot, I’d say try it with a small order to start with. You can then decide for yourself if the products are good enough for you.

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